NHUF is going to have a St.Lucia celebration!
Place: Somewhere in Oslo, detailed info available next week.
Tid: Saturday 13.Desember at 1200 hrs.
Cost: about NOK 100,- per family, + everybody have to bring some cake or snack (e.g. pizza, tapas, etc)
-For the children to be allowed to dress up in long white dresse, sing the Luciasong and carry white candles!
-We celebrate that soon the sun will turn, and the light will come once again.
-For the parents to enjoy the children while we get to know each other.
-For those that are willing may sing or play for us. Get in contact with Marianne and let her know what the child would like to do.
-In order to start planning the next gatherings!
-See this site (in norwegian) for the story behind St.Lucia, the words for the Lucia-song, recipes, etc.
Do you live outside of Oslo and need somewhere to stay for the night?
-Let us know.
Do you have room for a family to stay at your place for the weekend?
-Let us know.
Who may come?
-Everybody that home-eds; spread the word!!!!!
Who is coming?
-Please let us know how many children and grown-ups are coming