General meeting 2009

The NHUF general meeting for 2009 is held at the "Norsk Folkemuseum". Updated agenda.

Date: Saturday 18. April 2009. 12:00
Place: Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo. (We meet up at "Festplassen". The meeting is held at "Karterud")

Who: All members.

Bring your friends.  In addition to the general meeting itself, this should be a good time and place to meet up with other Norwegian home-educators.

Final agenda (per 09.04.09):

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Election of a chairperson and a reporter
  3. Approval of the notice of the meeting and the agenda
  4. Election of two persons to sign the minutes
  5. Orientation of the current status of NHUF (economy, etc)
  6. Change of §6 of the articles (frequency of meetings)
  7. Home-education gathering 2010.
  8. Orientation about Norwegian Home-Education book, by Marianne Johansen
  9. Handling of the address list
  10. The NHUF web-page
  11. Brochure with information about Home Education
  12. Decide on the subscrition
  13. Election of new members of the board.


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