Private summer get-together at Moslid 2009

The Endresen family that live on the farm “Moslid” i Telemark had invited homeschoolers for a social get-together 11.-14.juli 2009.

In total there were 17 families and almost 60 people present. Some lived at Moslid whilst others lived at “Groven Camping” in Åmot. Moslid is a farm where one try to live as one did 100 years ago without electricity and modern farming equipment. They have goats, sheep, a horse and a cow. There was a lot to discover for everybody in and around the farm.
Ivar Løne visited Saturday and tough us how to bake "flatbrød" on a  "takke" and he made barley porridge for Sunday breakfast. He is a person very interested in the old working class traditions and he knows almost everything about "self-sufficiency". There was plenty of time to talk around the bonfire or on the farmyard. The children played in the hay-loft, petted the animals, collected vegetables from the garden, baked "flatbrød", washed the laundry with the bike-launderette and the bravest swam in the beautiful but freezing cold river. In the evenings there was entertainment with singing and music. We could all learn to spin, whittle different flutes and garden gnomes, milk the goats and feed the animals. There were many new families and those of us that have been to many get-together had a chance to meet old friends and make many new ones. The weather stayed quite nice and we all enjoyed being together with a bunch of lovely, interesting and warm people. Thank You again to the Endresens for arranging the fantastic weekend.