About NHUF

The Norwegian Homeschool Association (NHUF) is an independent voluntary organisation for homeschoolers.
NHUF is politically and religiously unaffiliated – we welcome members from all walks of life and all ideologies.

We unify, support and inform regarding homeschooling in Norway.
We hope that you will support us by becoming a member (NOK 250,- per family per calendar year to account number: 0539.63.26711)

The association was established at the tenth national homeschooling conference in July 2005, and formally founded on 26 July 2008.
For further information, please see our bylaws.

NHUF's purpose is to unify, support and inform on homeschooling in Norway:

  • Members receive updated membership lists and information about conferences and social gatherings.
  • We support homeschooling families by responding to a variety of inquiries.
  • We can refer you to knowledgeable and experienced advisors such as Marta Straume of «Foreldrerett» telephone +47 55 24 17 97.
  • We inform through our website, Facebook page, conferences, and social gatherings.

NHUF is governed by a Board who are elected for two years at a time, by the members present at the Annual Meeting.
In order to be a member, the annual fee must be paid before the Annual Meeting is called to order.
Each family has one vote.

The Board of Directors for 2011:

  • Jan Tore Halvorsen, Oslo. Chairperson
  • Mary Jack, Hedmark, Secretary and membership list
  • Cecilie Helme, Oslo
  • Star Kristiansen, Oslo
  • Oddvar Nordvik, Sogn og Fjordane, deputy board member
  • Solmøy Saltveit, Rogaland, deputy board member

We appreciate your membership and your feedback.

Please feel free to use the contact form to send us a comment or suggestion.