About the English translations

The English translation
includes most of the important points. Occasionally we have added
some information that maybe of interest to foreigners resident in

Norway is
geographically divided into multiple
fylke with
kommune within
fylke. Since
fylke is translated as
'county' in dictionaries and school books, we have retained the
Norwegian word
kommune instead
of using the English work 'commune'.

first 10 years of schooling (approximately age 6-16, translated here
as 'lower school') are governed by the
while the next 3 years (high-school) are governed by the

You will note that church
and state are not separate in Norway.

The words 'teaching' and
'education' are used interchangeably in the translation, ditto for
'homeschooling' and 'home education' – simply because the
distinctions are not relevant to the website.

We are working on an
English summary of excerpts from relevant laws.